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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Ceratiocaris papilio (Pod Shrimp)
  ref ARTH341
  This fantastic example exhibits stunning detail throughout, especially under magnification. The specimen lies on a piece of hard shale and is approximately 425 million years old. This specimen was discovered in 1977 from this world famous fossil locality. It resided in the late Professor GORDON WALKDEN COLLECTION. Fossils Direct is a premium collectors website.
  Age Silurian, Ludlow Series
  Size Size of Pod Shrimp 40mm
  location Lesmahagow, Scotland, UK
  price £ 95.00
Click to enlarge   Name Teallioceras woodwardi (Shrimp)
  ref 5762
  This shrimp shows good detail, especially under magnification. This locality is no longer accessible to collect fossils, this specimen was collected in 1968 and resided in the late professor GORDON WALKDEN collection. A really nice example for the collector. Approximately 345 million years old.
  Age Carboniferous, Visean, Lower Oil Shales
  Size Size of Shrimp 26mm
  location Cheese Bay, Gullane, Scotland, UK
  price £ 64.95
Click to enlarge   Name Waterstonella grantonensis (Brine Shrimps)
  ref 5716a
  Again this fossil fauna is the rarest we have ever sold on Fossils Direct. The surface of this hard shale is covered with shrimps that have exceptional detail, from their eyes to their legs, even their soft tissue parts have been preserved. All the outcrop in the harbour was taken away after a Conodont fossil was discovered amongst the shrimps. This fine specimen was discovered in the mid 1970's and resided in the late professor GORDON WALKDEN collection. Approximately 340 million years old. One for the discerning collector of exdceptionally rare Scottish fossils.
  Age Carboniferous, Dinantian, Granton Shrimp Bed
  Size Size of overall piece 110mm x 60mm
  location Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  price £ 395.00
Click to enlarge   Name Pterygotus anglicus (Scattered Eurypterid)
  ref 6341
  This rare fossil exhibits a scattered eurypterid, but still retains some good details on a few body segments. The specimen was discovered in 1969 and has resided in the late Professor GORDON WALKDEN collection ever since. This Arthropod will make a good addition for the collector.
  Age Devonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Arbuthnott Group
  Size Size of overall piece 155mm x 99mm x 34mm
  location Turin Hill, Forfar, Angus, Scotland, UK
  price £ 145.00
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