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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Eocoelopoma curvatum (Skull & Eye socket)
  ref FISH542
  This is an exceptional, three dimensional fish skull from the London Clay of Sheppey. Preserved on this wonderful specimen are its eye sockets, its jaws, the crown of the skull and the small section of vertebra. The quality of the specimen is exceptional and highly aesthetic. One for the serious collector of fine fish.
  Age Eocene Londay Clay
  Size Size of Skull 110mm x 70mm
  location Isle of Sheppey UK
  price £ 295.00
Click to enlarge   Name Eocoelopoma curvatum (Jaw section both sides)
  ref FISH541
  This exceptional section of jaw is fully armed with lots of teeth which have been carefully prepared by using air abrasive techniques. The quality throughout the specimen is exceptional, especially the teeth. The specimen is three dimensional and the teeth are preserved on both sides. A fantastic addition to any fish collection. A Very dramatic specimen.
  Age Eocene Londay Clay
  Size Length of jaw section 90mm
  location Isle of Sheppey UK
  price £ 235.00
Click to enlarge   Name Protosphaeraera sp (Swordfish Fin Spine)
  ref FISH540
  This is an exceptionally rare chalk fossil and very few have ever been found. It is a partial fin spine of a large cretaceous swordfish which lived in the warm waters of the cretaceous. The specimen is of high detail and quality and most probably totally unrepeatable!! An exceptional fossil for the discerning collector.
  Age Cretaceous Upper Chalk
  Size Length of specimen 82mm
  location Burham Kent UK
  price £ 245.00
Click to enlarge   Name Ceratodus latissimus (Lungfish Tooth)
  ref FISH536
  This stunning example was collected in 1970s and has remained in the same collection ever since. Complete upper dental plates from this primitive and extinct lungfish are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors worldwide. The detail on the dental plate is exceptional. This temporary exposure on the river Aust is no longer accessible to collect fossils. Approximately 220 million years old.
  Age Triassic Westbury Formation
  Size Length of Tooth 60mm
  location Aust Cliff Bristol
  price £ 195.00
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