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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Dalmanites caudatus (Wonderful Example)
  ref 7514
  This exceptionally rare trilobite was collected in 1973 and has resided in the late GORDON WALKDEN collection ever since. The trilobite itself has magnificent detail throughout and although slightly compacted at one side, is complete with noth genal and caudal spines. Quality specimens from this locality are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.
  Age Silurian, Wenlock Series
  Size Length of Trilobite 36mm
  location Wig Wig, Shropshire, UK
  price £ 795.00
Click to enlarge   Name Seleneceme acuticaudata (HICKS, 1875)
  ref TRIL384
  Probably a unique, disarticulated but beautifully preserved and totally complete, juvenile specimen. Not just any "Molted specimen" after the fuse librigenes and spines split away, this youngster pivoted on the spot almost 180 degrees, to them presumably crawl out between its own spines. Also preserved here is the upcurved tip of the anterior cephalic spine which Whittard described as "retrousse" (meaning hook).The specimen was collected in 1996. A stunning example for any fine collection.
  Age Ordovician, Llanvirn Series
  Size Size of overall matrix 85mm x 60mm
  location Whitsburn Dingle, Leigh, Shropshire, UK
  price £ 350.00
Click to enlarge   Name Tretaspis sortita (Enrolled )
  ref TRIL382
  This enrolled trilobite is totally matrix free or it can sit on its matrix for display which can be lifted off for examination. The specimen is preserved with almost perfect sphaeroidal enrolment. Collected from starfish bed C in 1991.
  Age Ordovician, Ashgillian Series, Starfish Beds
  Size Size of specimen 13mm x 10mm
  location Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
  price £ 145.00
Click to enlarge   Name Calymene drummuckensis
  ref TRIL381
  This is a nice crinidium, partially calcified with associated thoraxic pleural molt "debris". The specimen displays well as either a drawer specimen or in a display case. Collected from the upper Drummuck mudstones immediately above Starfish bed C in 1992. Exceptional preparation work - one for the discerning collector.
  Age Ordovician, Ashgillian Series, Starfish Beds
  Size Size of Trilobite head 40mm x 18mm
  location Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
  price £ 49.95
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