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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
  This is a selection of some of the fossils previously sold by Fossils Direct
These are just a few examples from our fossil shop, of previous fossils sold. If you require any similar UK fossil specimens, we will endeavour to find these for you. As can be seen, we specialise in British fossils and if you browse our fossil galleries you will see similar fossils for sale. We also intend this fossil gallery to be used as an identification aid for the fossil collector and we will keep adding to this section as fossils are sold online.

Caloceras johnsoni ( Irridescent Shell)

Caloceras johnstoni (Irridescent shell)

Kumatostephanus cf Kumaterus

Harpoceras pseudoserpentinum

Asteroceras confusum (Glacial Melt No 1)

Harpoceras falciferum (rare size)

Lytoceras cornucopia (very rare)

Leioceras opalinum

Megalytoceras confusum (Stunning display pair)

Epophioceras longicella (Excessively rare)

Asteroceras confusum & fossil branches

Phylloceras heterphyllum (Stunning Specimen)

Brasilia cf bradfordensis (stunning display fossil

Eparitites denotatus (Stunning display ammonite)

Eparietites impendens (Magnificent specimen)

Asteroceras obtusum (Stunning ammonite)

Acanthoceras rhotomagensis (Brongniart)

Ludwigia obtusiformis & Belemnites

Euhoploceras modestum (Stunning piece)

Promicroceras marstonense (Amazing fossil)

crioceras (distoloceras) pavlovi

Asteroceras obtusum (Fantastic display fossil)

Arnioceras semicostatum (Display specimen)

Caloceras johnstoni (Natural irridescence)

Normannites orbignyi (Absolutely stunning)

Asteroceras stellare (Magnificent piece)

Normannites orbignyi (Stunning one off fossil)

Ludwigia cf reflua (Beautiful display piece)

Liparoceras kilsbiense (stunning large specimen)

Asterocers obtusum (Stunning display piece)

Dactylioceras cf athleticum (Stunning example)

Aeagasteroceras sp (Superb display ammonite)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Caloceras johnstoni (Stunning specimen)

Harpoceras falciferum

Eparietites cf. impendens

Asteroceras stellare

Eparietities cf impendens

Craspedodiscus discofalcatus

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Parkinsonia rarecostata

Ludwigia murchisonae

Pterygotus (Erettopterus) bilobus (Juvenile)

Euproops rotundatus (Stunning large specimen)

Pentacrinites fossilis (sea lilly)

Taxocrinus tuberculatus

Taxocrinus tuberculatus

Pentacrinites fossilis (wonderful preservation)

Multi Fossil Death Assemblage

Multi-fossil Death Assemblage

Multi fossil death assemblage

Paracidaris Florigemma

Clypeus ploti (prepared both sides)

Acrosalenia hemicidaroides (very rare multi)

Clypeus ploti (Rare Double)

Trochotiara fittoni (Very Rare Multi)

Hybodus sp (Fin spine)

Hybodus sp.

Pterichthyodes milleri

Dipterus vallenciennesi (lung fish)

Millerosteus minor (Rare)

Sciaenurus bowerbanki (Rare fish head)

Coccosteus cuspidatus (Median dorsal plate)

Straparollus Pentangulatus

Pleurotomaria cf. armata (Very Rare)

Pleurotomaria sp & belemnite (very rare)

Clavilithes macrospira (Stunning specimen)

Cenoceras sp. (Cut & Polished)

Cenoceras sp (highly polished)

Cenoceras sp.

Cenoceras cf semistriatum

Cenoceras cf inornatum

Cenoceras & Belemnites

Cenoceras sp. (Becoming v. rare)

Cenoceras striatum (SOWERBY)

Callipteris cf. Flabellifera

Helodus turgidus

Hybodont dorsal fin spine (Extremely Rare)

Mastopora Favus (Algae)

Ctenostreon Rugosum

Lepocrinites cf.quadrifasciatus

Craterospongia concentrica (Sponge)

Craterospongia concentrica (Rare Sponge)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Brittlestar)

Palaeocoma egertoni (rare double specimen)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Lovely display piece)

Ogygiocarella debuchi

Taponcalymene sp. (V. Large specimen)

Placoparina sedgwicki (Very rare)

Pseudosphaerexochus octolobatus

Ichthyosaur communis

Mammuthus Primigenius (Jaw )

Mammuthus primigenius (Mammoth jaw)

Ichthyosaur sp. (Jaw section)

Ichthyosaur sp. (Paddle)

Dinosaur Footprints (partial Theropod trackway)

Ichthyosaurus communis (Partial Paddle)

Hybodant Shark Coprolite & Polished section

Argillochelys sp. (Very rare Turtle skull)

Ichthyosaur Partial Skeleton in nodule

Mammoth (Stunning Very Large Molar)

Ichthyosaur communis (Stunning paddle)

Arnioceras semicostatum

Phylloceras heterophyllum

Asteroceras confusum (Beautiful colours)

Ludwigia murchisonae (Stunning fossil)

Becheiceras bechei (Lovely specimen)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Display ammonite)

Asteroceras obtusum (Stunning large ammonite)

Caloceras intermedium (Very rare multi)

Bigotites sp (With Calcite crystal)

Asteroceras obtusum( Sunrise and Lightening)

Ceratiocaris stygia (Pod shrimp)

Teallioceris Woodwardi (Exceptional Example)

Acrodus nobilis

Parillaenus davidisi (Fine example)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Sonninia (Euhoploceras) marginatum (rare)

Asteroceras confusum (Display Ammonite)

Paracoroniceras charlesi (Stunning specimen)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Asteroceras obtusum (Rising Sun)

Acrosalenia hemicidaroides

Hypotodus verticalis (Stunning Shark tooth)

Pachinion scriptum (Sponge)

Palaeocoma Egertoni

Acastocephala macrops (Wonderful eyes)

Metriorhynchus sp.(Lovely jaw section)

Lytoceras amplum & Ludwigia obtusiformis

Arnioceras semicostatum ( Stunning display fossil)

Garantiana baculata (Very rare)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Display Ammonite)

Parkinsonia bradstockensis (Stunning Ammonite)

Androgynoceras latecosta (Classic double)

Arnioceras falcaries

Asteroceras Confusum

Pterichthyodes milleri (3-D preservation)

Caloceras johnstoni (Huge irridescent specimen)

Phylloceras cf supraliasicum (JUST STUNNING)

Eparitites denotatus & Asteroceras (multi)

Titanites giganteus (Large display ammonite)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil branch

Asteroceras obtusum (Winter Sun No 1)

Parkinsonia bradstockensis (Display fossil)

Cenoceras striatum (superb display fossil)

Asteroceras stellare (Large display specimen)

Ceratiocaris papillo (Pod Shrimp multi)

Marston marble (Unique display fossil)

Calyoceras (Proeucalyoceras) guerangeri (SPATH)

Harpoceras falciferum (stunning specimen)

Arnioceras semicostatoides (Rare preservation)

Arnioceras falcaries (exceptional display fossil)

Eparietites denotatus

Grammoceras cf penestriatulum (rare)

Parkinsonia Rarecostata

Eoderoceras obesum & Gastropod

Harpoceras falciferum (lovely sutures)

Hildoceras lusitanicum (stunning specimen)

Leioceras opalinum ( display ammonite)

Harpoceras falciferum (Superb quality)

Leptosphinctes cf. davidsoni

Arnioceras falcaries (Extremely rare multi)

Eoderoceras obesum (becoming rare)

Hildaites subserpentinus (superb rare specimen)

Harpoceras falciferum (stunning specimen)

Caloceras johnstoni (Natural irridescent shell)

Promicroceras sp & fossil branches

Gonolkites convergens (stunning pair)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Orthodoactylites semicelatum (rare size)

Promicroceras sp and fossil branches

Eparitites denotatus (original shell)

Promicroceras planicosta (very rare location)

Pavlovia pallasioides (incredibly rare double)

Asteroceras obtusum (Beautiful specimen)

Sonninia (Euhoploceras) modestum

Amaltheus margaritatus (Beautiful colour)

Sherburnia sp.(Superb display fossil)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (display ammonite)

Parkinsonia dorsetensis (Sculptured display piece)

Crucilobiceras ornatilobatum (Extremely Rare)

Asteroceras confusum (Exploding Sun)

Tmetoceras scissum (Stunning large specimen)

Spiroceras anulatum (rare double)

Scaphites equalis (superb specimen)

Spiroceras anulatum (stunning large specimen)

Euhoploceras modestum (Stunning Display specimen)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil Branch

Harpoceras falciferum (Beautiful specimen)

Sonninia sp.

Sonninia sp (ground & polished display ammonite)

Pavolovia pallasiodes (very rare ammonite)

Euoploceras sp ( Stunning cut/polished half)

Caloceras johnstoni (Stunning colours)

Promicroceras planicosta (Superb quality)

Acanthoceras rhotomagense ( Brongniart)

Euhoploceras modestum (polished specimen)

Caloceras Johnstoni (Stunning display double)

Promicroceras planicosta (Predatory bite mark)

Multi-ammonite assemblage (Predatory bite marks)

Euhoploceras acanthodes (stunning display ammonite

Ludwigia cf obtusiformis (Stunning split nodule)

Pavlovia pallasioides (very rare multi-specimen)

Strigoceras languidum (Buckman)

Dactylioceras commune (Very rare location)

Ludwigia murchisonae (Display ammonite)

Amaltheus gibbosus (Extremely rare)

Caloceras cf johnstoni (incredibly rare double)

Pelekodites sp and fossil branch

Ludwigia murchisonae (Stunning display fossil)

Douvilliceras mammillatum (Very Rare)

Ludwigia murchisonae (Stunning split nodule)

Catacoeloceras cf crassum (Pathological)

Pelekodites cf. pelekus (Stunning rostrum preserve

Dorsetensia cf. romani

Asteroceras obtusum (Stunning colour)

Lytoceras amplum (Extremely rare)

Ludwigia cf. murchisonae

Cleviceras exeratum (Rare locality)

Arnioceras semicostatum (Stunning split nodule)

Asteroceras sp (Stunning display ammonite)

Pavlovia pallasioides (Stunning specimen)

Asteroceras confusum & Fossil Branch

Parkinsonia rarecostata

Caloceras johnstoni (Stunning Irridescence)

Parkinsonia rarecostata (immaculate centre)

Oxynoticeras oxynotum (Zonal ammonite)

Sigaloceras cf calloviense

Amaltheus gibbosus (Extremely rare locality)

Ludwigia cf obtusiformis (Pathological/sick)

Amaltheus cf margaritatus (V Rare)

Ludwigia murchisonae (Display ammonite)

Dactylioceras commune (V Large display example)

Spiroceras anulatum (Rare Heteromorph ammonite)

Androgynoceras latecosta (Stunning double)

Ludwigia cf obtusiformis (Morphospecies)

Spiroceras anulatum & Parkinsonia rarecostata

Oxynoticeras lymense (Stunning specimen)

Morphoceras multiforme (Very rare)

Procerites cf lochenensis (Beautiful preservation)

Promicroceras planicosta (Multi-popping stone)

Fissilobiceras fissilobatum (Display fossil)

Ludwigia murchisonae & Belemnite Phragmocones

Parkinsonia (Gonolokites) convergens

Ludwigia sp. (Beautiful cut half)

Brasilia bradfordensis (Stunning polished ammonite

Pseudammatoceras cf. boyeri (Very Rare)

Sonninia modestum (Stunning Display Ammonite)

Ludwigia cf depilata (Pathological/ Sick)

Dactylioceras semicelatum

Dactylioceras Crassum (Unusual preservation)

Promicroceras precompressum (Predation bite)

Marsdon Magna Marble (Excessively rare)

Promicroceras planicosta & fossil wood

Parkinsonia bradstockensis

Stunning sea floor assemblage

Etoderoceras obesum (Stunning both sides)

Liparoceras cheltiense (Stunning Example)

Hoplites dentatus (V Large Example)

Hyperlioceras cf subdiscoidea (Very Rare)

Eparietites impendens (stunning colours)

Skirroceras macrum (Very rare ammonite)

Multi-ammonites & Fossil wood

Asteroceras obtusum (Stunning large ammonite)

Xipheroceras dudressieri (Beautiful multi)

Euhoploceras sp (Stunning display fossil)

Normannites cf.densus (BUCKMAN)

Strenoceras baculata (QUENSTEDT)

Chondroceras grandiforme (BUCKMAN)

Normannites gracile (WEST)

Aegasteroceras sp & Gastropod (Stunning piece)

Asteroceras confusum (Stunning colour)

Pleuroceras spinatum (Rare locality)

Normannites formosus (BUCKMAN)

Normannites brookenridgii (SOWERBY)

Paracoroniceras charlesi (Stunning large example)

Kosmoceras acutistriatum ( With Lappet)

Anahoplites planus (Amazing)

Dipoloceras (Dipoloceras) cf cornutum

Vermiceras scylla (Stunning double)

Amaltheus gibbosus (Extemely rare)

Apoderoceras aff. ferox (BUCKMAN)

Marston Magna Crystal Column

Euhoploceras modestum & fossilised branch

Ludwigia murchisonae (With aptychus)

Ludwigia cf murchisonae (Stunning multi)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Lytoceras fimbriatum (Flanges preserved)

Eparietites denotatus & Aegasteroceras sp

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Superb specimen)

Aegasteroceras sp (Stunning polished Ammonite)

Parkinsonia bradstockensis( Polished specimen)

Pseudoshirbuirnia stephani (Buckman)

Paracoroniceras charlesi (Stunning specimen)

Lytoceras fimbriatum (Matrix free)

Eparietities cf impendens (Stunning colours)

Emileia (Otoites) contractus (SOWERBY)

Euhoplites pricei (Spath) Stunning colours

Garantiana cf tetragona (WETZEL 1911)

Leioceras comptocostatum (Beautiful multi)

Euhoploceras modestum (Rare multi)

Euhoploceras polyacanthum (Rare Ammonite)

Parkinsonia bradstockensis

Euhoploceras modestum (Marvellous specimen)

Pseudammatoceras cf. boyeri (ELMI)

Normannites cf densus (Stunning rare specimen)

Eparietites denotatus (Stunning Quality)

Eparietities cf impendens (Stunning colours)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Vermiceras scyla (Reynes)

Xipheroceras ziphus (Rare specimen)

Microderoceras cf gigas (Buckman)(V Rare)

Apoderoceras cf. aculeatum (V Rare)

Eparietites cf denotatus (Stunning)

Parkinsonia pseudoferruginea (Nicolesco)

Pseudammatoceras cf boyeri (ELMI)

Tragophylloceras numismale (Quenstedt 1845)

Protogrammoceras (protogrammoceras) occidentale

Peronoceras cf desplacei (D`ORB)

Asteroceras obtusum (Dramatic Predation Bite)

Asteroceras confusum & Fossil wood

Arnioceras semicostatoides (Large specimen)

Cadomites lomalogaster (BUCKMAN)

Waehneroceras portlocki (Stunning specimen)

Mammites nodosoides (Schluter)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil branches

Ludwigia cf obtusiformis (Beautiful cluster)

Asteroceras blakei (Extremely rare)

Promicroceras marstonense (Rare preservation)

Tmetoceras scissum ( Complete one off)

Apoderoceras subtriangulare (Extremely rare)

Crucilobiceras ornatilobatum (Spath)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Etoderoceras obesum (Magnificent ammonite)

Androgynoceras latecosta (Display piece)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil wood

Porpoceras cf verticosum (Buckman 1914)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Harpoceras serpentinum (Beautiful specimen)

Promicroceras precompressum (One off specimen)

Promicroceras marstonense (Beautiful multi)

Asteroceras confusum, & Fossil Branch

Asteroceras stellare (Absolutely stunning)

Aulacostephanus autissiodorensis (Cotteau)

Caloceras johnstoni (Stunning irridescence)

Asteroceras obtusum (Unique display piece)

Stephanoceras humhriesianum ( Stunning fossil)

Normannites formosum (BUCKMAN 1920)

Cardioceras cordatum (Sowerby 1813)

Tragophylloceras loscombi (Stunning both sides)

Caloceras johnsoni (Stunning Irridescence)

Caloceras intermedium (Stunning specimen)

Promicroceras marstonense (Multi)

'Eparitites denotatus (Display specimen)

Promicroceras marstonense (ONE OFF PIECE)

Ludwigia murchisonae (stunning quality)

Grossouvria (binatisphinctes) binata (With Lappet)

Ludwigia murchisonae (Stunning Multi)

Asteroceras confusum & fossil branch

Caloceras intermedium (Scarse)

Xipheroceras sp. & fossil branches

Asteroceras confusum & partial branch

Anahoplites cf daveisi

Anahoplites planus (Great colour)

Euhoplites nitidus (Stunning colour)

Euhoplites lautus (Large specimen)

Anahoplites planus (Stunning fire)

Prodactylioceras cf. rectiradiatum (Wingrave)

Gleviceras subguibalianum (Stunning specimen)

Asteroceras stellare (Stunning display piece)

Euhoplites lautus (Stunner)

Aegasteroceras sagittarium (Excessively rare)

Simocosmoceras adversum (OPPEL)

Oxynoticeras lymense (Ground & Polished)

Pavlovia pallasioides (Extremely rare multi)

Promicroceras sp fish and wood

Stephanoceras cf hoffmanni (Display piece)

Phymatoceras rude (Stunning ammonite)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Display ammonite)

Leptomicroceras cowapi (Edmunds 2016)

Asteroceras stellare (Wonderful detail)

Quenstedtoceras lamberti (Huge specimen)

Prorsisphinctes cf meseres (Display Ammonite)

Peronoceras cf turriculatum (Stunning ammonite)

Phymatoceras robustum (Rare specimen)

Ovaticeras ovatum (Incredibly rare ammonite)

Pavlovia pallasioides (Matrix free specimen)

Asteroceras obtusum (Classic piece)

Epophioceras longicella (Stunning specimen)

Pavlovia pallasioides (JUST STUNNING)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Magnificent)

Frechiella subcarinata (Exceptionally rare)

Peltoceras (Pseudopeltoceras) williamsoni

Taramelliceras episcopale (Very rare)

Telodactylites cf.eucosmus (LIPPI-BONCAMBI 1947)


Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Promicroceras pyritosum (Both sides)

Aegasteroceras sp. (Polished example)

Aegasteroceras sp. (Stunning sutures)

Phricodoceras cornutum (SIMPSON)

Eparietites cf denotatus (Stunning ammonite)

Eparietites impendens (Magnificent specimen)

Crucilobiceras densinodulum (HUGE SPECIMEN)

Phymatoceras formosum (Stunning specimen)

Garantiana baculata (Very rare)

Porpoceras acanthopsis (Very rare ammonite)

Microderoceras birchi (Wonderful specimen)

Asteroceras confusum (Beautiful multi)

Lytoceras amplum (Very Rare)

Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Absolutely stunning)

Phylloceras heterophyllum (Stunning Ammonite)

Asteroceras obtusum (Magnificent multi)

Crucilobiceras densinodulum (Stunning one off)

Brasilia cf baylli (Stunning preservation)

Caloceras johnstoni (Magnificent colours)

Crucilobiceras densinodulum (Spines preserved)

Xipheroceras xiphus (Superb specimen)

Parkinsonia cf rarecostata & assemblage

Crucilobiceras densinodulum (Stunning ammonite)

Crucilobiceras densinodulum (Top quality)

Asteroceras confusum & Fossil Wood

Asteroceras obtusum (Display specimen)

Promicroceras planicosta (Pos & Neg)

Asteroceras confusum & Fossil Branch

Asteroceras confusum (Lovely display piece)

Parkinsonia rarecostata (Amazing preservation)

Phricodoceras cornutum (SIMPSON) (Rare)

Paracoroniceras charlesi (DONOVAN)

Kosmoceras jason (Stunning quality)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil branch

Aegasteroceras sagittarium (Stunning ammonite)

Aegasteroceras sp.(Stunning display ammonite)

Hemimicroceras cf.acuticosta (Trueman & Williams)

Paltechioceras aureolum (Stunning specimen)

Asteroceras confusum & Fossil Branch

Xipheroceras xiphus (Stunning preservation)

Xipheroceras cf dudresierri (Wonderful specimen)

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil branches

Leptospinctes davidsoni (Stunning sutures)

Prodactylioceras davoei (Rare ammonite)

Peronoceras fibulatum (Stunning specimen)

Promicroceras & Fossil branch

Xipheroceras xiphus (Spines preserved)

Asteroceras confusum (With negative)

Asteroceras confusum (Amazing display piece)

Xipheroceras planicosta (Spines preserved)

Kosmoceras jason (Lappet preserved)

Kosmoceras jason (Lappet preserved)

Pavlovia pallasioides (Aptychus preserved)

Polymorphites polymorphus (Stunning rare specimen)

Aulacostephanus autissiodorensis (Rare ammonite)

Caloceras johnstoni (Absolutely stunning)

Peronoceras subarmatum (Stunning spines)

Microderoceras cf.nautilum (Edmunds 2016)

Euhoplites proboscideus (Stunning Irridescence)

Rasenia cymodoce (d`Orbigny)

Asteroceras confusum & fossil wood

Deshayesites forbesi (Stunning ammonite)

Dactylioceras commune (Very Large example)

Arnioceras semicostatum (Beautiful Multi)

Angulaticeras boucaultianum (Exceptionally rare)

Ammonite (resting print) V Rare

Lytoceras cf.eudesianum (Wonderful specimen)

Parkinsonia bradstockensis (Wonderful piece)

Parkinsonia cf. densicosta

Arnioceras kridiodes (Fantastic Multi)

Lytoceras eudesianum (Stunning ammonite)

Promicroceras planicosta (Stunning)

Phylloceras heterophyllum (Unique specimen)

Asteroceras Obtusum (Stunning ammonite)

Stephanoceras sp.& Lytoceras sp.

Asteroceras Obtusum (Stunning ammonite)

Spiroceras annulatum (Complete specimen)

Spiroceras anulatum (Superb example)

Lytoceras amplum (Stunning specimen)

Eparietities denotatus (Magnificent ammonite)

Eparietities denotatus (Display Ammonite)

Androgynoceras sp (Beautiful Multi)

Aegasteroceras sp.

Caloceras Johnstoni ( Rare double)

Promicroceras, Sculptured matrix on Wood

Promicroceras planicosta (Display piece)

Phricodoceras taylori (Rare)

Euproops Rotundatus

Teallioceris Woodwardi

Palaeastacus sp.(Lobster Claw)

Mesotarbus sp. (incredibly rare!)

Maicercius sp. (Spider in Split Nodule)

Cyclus rankeni (Soft part preservation)

Waterstonella grantonensis (Shrimps)

Tealliocaris woodwardi (Shrimp)

Maiocercus celticus (Spider)

Notopocorystes stokesi (Rare preservation)

Xanthilites bowerbanki (Stunning specimen)

Xanthilites bowerbanki (Stunning under belly)

Waterstonella grantonensis (Shrimps)

Unidentified insect wing (Extremely rare)

Mecochirus pearcei (Rare lobster)

Coleia sp (Extremely rare multi Eyron)

Waterstonella grantonensis & Craigopsis sp.

Basinotopus lamarcki (Double Male & female))

Xanthilites bowerbanki ( Male )

Zanthopsis leachi (Male)

Slimonia acuminata (Huge Specimen)

Pentacrinites fossilis (Superb quality)

Pentacrinites fossilis (stunning piece)

Clematocrinus sp. (Double)

Gissocrinus sp.

Pentacrinites fossilis (Stunning Specimen)

Balanocrinus gracilis (Stunning rare piece)

Balanocrinus subteroides (Excessively rare)

Sinocrinus sp (Very rare)

Balanocrinus gracilis (Stunning rare piece)

Balanocrinus gracilis (Stunning rare piece)

Periechocrinites moniliformis (Stunning Crinoid)

Pentacrinites fossilis (Classic specimen)

Marsupiocrinus caelatus (Very Rare)

Pentacrinites fossilis (Superb detail)

Marsupites testudinarius (Stunning specimen)

Apiocrinites elegans (stunning crinoid)

Marsuplites testudinarius (Stunning example)

Periechocrinus cf monoliliformis (Rare)

Taxocrinus tuberculatus (Complete Crown)

Temnocrinus cf tuberculatus (Stunning)

Apiocrinites parkinsoni (V Rare Calyx)

Multi Fossil Death Assemblage

Stephanoceras cf humphriesianum

Acrosalenia hemicidaroides (rare double)

Micraster decipiens with Surpulid Worm tubes

Conulus albogolerus

Clypeus ploti (Pathological / Injured)

Acrosalenia sp. (Very Good Specimen)

Clypeus ploti (Stunning specimen)

Hemicidaris wrightii

Hemicidaris intermedia (Classic British Echinoid)

Acrosalenia cf spinosa (Stunning Echinoid)

Prionocidaris vendocinensis (Partial test)

Micraster leskei (On Flint)

Micraster coranguinum (Lovely colour)

A stunning

Conulus albogalerus & Brachiopod

Offaster pilula (Rare multi-specimen)

Echinocorys scutata (Display fossil)

Phymosoma koenigi (Stunning specimen)

Gauthieria radiata (Lovely specimen)

Clypeus ploti (Stunning rare double)

Camerogalerus cylindricus

Hemicidaris intermedia (Classic Example)

Hemicidaris intermedia (Classic Echinoid)

Hirudocidaris hirudo (Lovely specimen)

Diademopsis sp. (Ultra rare)

Phymosoma koenigi (Stunning example)

Salenia petalifera (Stunning Specimen)

Acrosalina hemicidaroides (Stunning specimen)

Hyposalenia wrighti (Very Rare)

Acrosalenia hemicidaroides (Wright)

Temnechinus excavatus (Wood)

Temnechinus excavatus (Wood)

Hemipedina sp (Very Rare)

Dipterus vallenciennesi (lung fish)

Pholidophurus bechei (Complete fish)

Osteolepis panderi

Mesopoma carricki (Pos & Neg)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Rare Double)

Lepidotus latus ( Rare Fish Body)

Beryx superbus

Myliobatis striatus (Lovely example)

Phyllodus toliapicus

Eocoelopoma curvatum (Fish skull)

Pterichthyodes milleri (Agassiz)

Dipterus valeniennesi (Extraordinary specimen)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus(Stunning split pair)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning quality)

Glyptolepis, Osteolepis,& Acanthodian (V Rare)

Palaeoniscus freiselebenensis (V. Large fish)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning specimen)

Palaeoniscus freieslebeni (Complete fish)

Pentlandia macroptera (Traquair)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning Pink colour)

Rhinocephalus planiceps (Fish head)

Lepidotus sp. (Large stunning fish head)

Tristichopterus alatus (Very rare fish)

Beryx cf superbus (Rare)

Platysomus striatus (Rare fish)

Eocoelopoma curvatum (Lovely skull)

Rhinocephalus planiceps (Head and fins)

Sciaenurus bowerbanki (Lovely large head)

Aspidorhynchus sp (Rare)

Holopteryx lewesiensis (Classic fish)

Sturgeon (Skull plate) extremely rare

Rhadinichthys canobiensis (Traquair)

Pentlandia macroptera (Stunning fish)

Un determined Fish (Old collection)

Gyroptychius agassizi (Stunning large split pair)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning example)

Ceratodus latissimus (stunning specimen)

Elonichthys cf peltigerus (Very rare fish)

Lepidotus sp (Flank of body scales)

Mesacantus pusillus (Showing Otic capsules))

Rolled derived Fish

Pterichthyodes milleri (Rare)

Pholidophurus bechei (Complete fish)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Treble)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (Stunning fish)

Osteolepis macrolepidotus (RareTreble)

Lepidotus sp (Flank of Scales)

Pycnodont Fish Palate (Rare)

Volutospina luctator

Volutospina luctator

Apporhais sp (Rare)

Tretospira sp (Incredibly rare fossil)

Pseudomelania sp (very rare locality)

Bellerophon sp (Rare Treak Cliff specimen)

Dicroloma laevigatum (Extremely rare)

Pleurotomaria tuberculata (Super specimen)

Turitella sulcifera (Beautiful multi)

Turitella sulcifera (Superb multi-fossil)

Natica subelegans (Lovely assemblage)

Apporhais sp. Natica subelegans

Dicroloma laevigatum (Stunning fossil)

Clavilithes longaevus (Solander)(Rare)

Neptunea contraria (Linne) Stunning example

Cassideria sp (Large specimen)

Emarginella crassa (Quality piece)

Filholia elliptica (Very Rare Land Snail)

Priscoficus smithi (Sowerby)

Bourguetia saemanni (Oppel) V. Large

Straparollus pentangulatus (Large specimen)

Hippochrenes amplus (Classic rarity)

Turitella (Haustator) imbricataria (Huge specimen)

Athleta athleta (Stunning specimen)

Amberleya cf ornata (Wonderful specimen)

Cenoceras obesum (stunning example)

Cenoceras obesum (Display nautilus)

Cenoceras inornatum (stunning specimen)

Digonioceras aff Zitteli (Extremely rare)

Cenoceras sp. (Very Rare Specimen)

Cenoceras striatum (stunning specimen)

Cenoceras striatum

Cenoceras obesum (Incredibly rare locality)

Coelonautilus sp (Extremely rare)

Coelonautilus derbyiensis (Extremely rare)

Cenoceras annulare (Stunning specimen)

Cenoceras cf striatum (Very rare locality)

Cimomia imperialis (Shell removed)

Cimomia imperialis (Mother of pearl shell)

Cenoceras striatum (Stunning display fossil)

Cenoceras sp ( Very Large Polished specimen)

Cenoceras sp (Polished specimen)

Cenoceras striatum (Stunning complete specimen)

Cenoceras sp (With bite marks)

Cenoceras cf. Inornatum (Magnificent specimen)

Cenoceras sp (Rare)

Cenoceras sp. (Stunning display specimen)

Cenoceras sp (Polished specimen)

Cenoceras sp (Very Large Display specimen)

Cenoceras sp (Stunning polished example)

Cenoceras striatum (superb display fossil)

Neuropteris sp.(Split pair Seed Fern)

Todites cf. denticulatus

Charophytes (Stoneworts)

Lepidostrobus sp (Split pair Spore cone)

Cyperites sp. ( Huge Split pair Lycopod leaves)

Brachyphyllum mamillare (Rare)

Pterophyllum sp. (Bennettitalean seed fern)

Onychiopsis psilotoides (Rare)

Alethopteris sp. (Stunning Frond)

Zamites cf gigas (fantastic large specimen)

Neuropteris sp.(STUNNING Split pair Seed Fern)

Lepidostrobus sp. (Stunning museum specimen)

Nipa burtini (3-D fossil seed)

Conifer or Cycad Cone (Rare)

Pinnus sp (Undescribed fir cone)

Nilssonia cf.compta (Phillips)

Zamities gigas (Stunning display specimen)

Conifer/ Cycad cone (Beautiful example)

Amber (Stunning rare specimen)

Acrodus nobilis

Ptychodus decurrens

Hybodus sp. (Stunning example)

Ptychodus decurrens (Very rare)

Ptychodus paucisculcatus (Stunning specimen)

Carcharias hopei (Shark Vertebrae)

Carcharocles auriculatus (Large example)

Otodus obliquus (Stunning example)

Carcharocles auriculatus (Large example)

Otodus obliquus (Pathological tooth)

Hybodant Shark Skull (Excessively rare)

Asteracanthus ornatissimus (Quality tooth)

Ctenopetalus serratus

Shark coprolite (Stunning example in chalk)

Striatolamia macrota (Upper anterior tooth)

Shark vertebral column (V Rare)

Shark coprolite (Fantasic example)

Asteracanthus cf ornatissimus (Fin Spine)

Ptychodus sp.(Stunning crown)

Stethacanthus sp (Bearsden Shark)

Carcharodon megalodon (Stunning tooth)

Otodus obliquus (Hugh pristine tooth)

Synechodus rhaeticus (Duffin)

Ptychodus rugosus (Complete example)

Carcharocles auriculatus (Large example

Carcharocles auriculatus (Lovely patina)

Hybodus sp. (Beautiful fin spine)

Cladodus mirabilis (Agassiz 1843)

Striatolamia macrota (Stunning tooth)

Otodus auriculatus (Extremely rare)

Hexanchus agassizi (Symphyseal)

Astracantus ornatissimus (Rare locality)

Astracantus ornatissimus (Stunning example)

Carcharocles auriculatus (Large example)

Otodus obliquus (Stunning)

Carcharocles auriculatus Nice example)

Ray dermal denticle (V Rare)

Carcharocles auriculatus (Large example)

Hybodus delabechei (Rare)

Hybodus sp (Rare location)

Unidentified fir cone (Extremely rare)

Belemnites puzosianus (D`Orb)

Spongia ramosa (Lovely 3d specimen)

Ventriculites sp (Lovely rare double)

Lobothyris punctata (Lovely grouping)

Exanthesis labrosus ( High Quality)

Hallirhoa costata (Lamouroux)

Ctenostreon cf.proboscideum (Wonderful specimen)

Ventriculites sp (Lithistid sponge)

Siphonia tulipa

Ceripora cf ramulosa (Rare sponge)

Gomphoceras ellipticum (Rare)

Myrianites lapworthii (Rare)

Acervularia ananas (Exceptional Coral)

Rastellum cf carinatum (Finest Ever offered)

Homoeosolen ramulosus (Bryozoan)

Daviesiella llangollensis (Stunning specimen)

Regulaecystis inconstans

Craterospongia concentrica (rare sponge)

Craterospongia concentrica (rare sponge)

Homocystis constrictus (Split pair)

Cardinia gigantea (Double display piece)

Cylindroteuthis sp.

Dendrocystoides sieticus

Amphithelion macrommata (Sponge)

Venericor planicosta (Stunning specimen)

Venericor planicosta (Both Valves preserved)

Solena plagiaulax (Razor shell)

Cardinia gigantea (Display Bivalve)

Cotham Marble (Fossilized Algal Growth)

Favosites gothlandicus (Tabulate Coral)

Holcoptera giebeli (Beetle Elytron)

Tisbury Coral (Polished)

Cardita (Venericor) planicosta (Lamarck)

Holcoptera giebeli (Beetle elytron)

Stichophyma tumidum (Hinde)

Phragmactis grayae (very rare)

Siluraster sp.(Perfect specimen)

Promiopaleaster elizae (Bather)

Urasterella sp. & Saltaster sp. (Multi Starfish)

Urasterella thraivensis (Spencer) Rare

Saltaster sp (Exceptional specimen)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Rare display double)

Stenaster obtusus (Stunning example)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Superb display fossil)

Encrinaster grayae (Stunning example)

Palaeocoma milleri (Brittlestar)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Quality display fossil)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Stunning display fossil)

Palaeocoma tenuibrachiata (Incredibly rare double)

Palaeocoma tenuibrachiata (Stunning rare specimen)

Palaeocoma tenuibrachiata (Spectacular specimen)

Palaeocoma egertoni (Superb large specimen)

Calliderma smithiae (Large starfish)

Metopaster cf hunteri (rare)

Palaeocoma milleri (V Large Brittlestar)

Asteropecten sp (Very Rare)

Sinosura brodei (Complete one off)

Ogygiocarella debuchii (V.Large multi)

Degamella nuda

Acastomorph sp.

Acastomorph sp

Pseudosphaerexochus octolobatus

Acastomorph sp.

Lonchodomas drummukensis (Reed)

Pseudosphaerexochus octolobatus

Encrinurus punctatus

Cybeloides loveni girvanensis (Reed)

Calymene blumenbachi (Dudley Bug)

Calymene blumenbachi

Gravicalymene arcuata (Stunning specimen)

Angelina sedgwicki (Stunning Pos/Neg specimen)

Angelina sedgwicki (Lovely split Pos/ Neg)

Gravicalymene arcuata (Stunning specimen)

Angelina sedgwicki (Huge split Pos/ Neg pair)

Acastomorph sp. (Stunning compound eye)

Calyptaulax sp. & Gravicalymene arcuata (V. Rare)

Dalmanites myops (Stunning rare)

Stygina latifrons (Portlock 1843) (Excessively rar

Angelina sedgwicki ( Stunning split pair)

Taponcalymene nodulosa (Fine example)

Parillaenus davidisi (Stunning large example)

Ogygiocarella debuchii (Lovely split pair)

Ogygiocarella angustissima (Amazing Split pair)

Seleneceme acuticaudata (Stunning specimen)

Acastocephala macrops (Stunning specimen)

Ogygiocarella angustissima (Very large example)

Ogygiocarella angustissima (Massive split pair)

Paradoxides davidis (Salter) (Classic Trilobite)

Gravicalymene arcuata (Stunning example)

Gravicalymene arcuata (Stunning specimen)

Calymene blumenbachi (Dudley Bug)

Eophacops musheni (Stunning example)

Encrinurus punctatus (Lovely specimen)

Acastocephala macros (Stunning eyes)

Paradoxides davidis (Salter)

Calymene Blumenbachi (Outstretched Dudley Bug)

Calymene blumenbachii (Stunning rolled Bug)

Angelina sedgwicki (Classic specimen)

Acernaspis cf elliptifrons (Very Fine)

Balaenodon physaloides (Whale tooth)

Balaenodon sp.. (Whale Ear bone)

Whale Vertebra (Derived deposit)

Leptorhinus tooth (Rhinoceras)

Leptorhinus tooth (Rhinoceras)

Argillochelys cf cuniceps (V Rare Turtle)

Ichthyosaurus sp (Wonderful Tooth)

Ichthyosaurus sp (Exceptional Tooth)

Ichthyosaurus sp. (Polished skull)

Ichthyosaur communis (Partial Paddle)

Hybodant Shark Coprolite (stunning specimen)

Ophthalmosaurus sp. (Multi Vertebra)

Opthalmosaurus sp.(Stunning specimen)b

Temnodontosaurus platyodon

Temnodontosaurus platyodon ( Large Vertebra)

Opthalmosaur sp. ( Very Large Vertebra)

Simolestes sp (Very Rare Pliosaur Tooth)

Anthracotherium sp ( early pig Jaw)

Stenosaurus sp. (Very Large Sacral vertebra)

Plesiosaur tooth (Wonderful condition)

Ichthyosaur communis (Stunning skull)

Ichthyosaur sp. (Jaw section)

Cryptoclidus sp. (Stunning specimen)

Cryptoclidus sp. (Plesiosaur Vertebrae)

Ichthyosaur sp (Polished vertebrae column)

Iguanodon sp. (Stunning Dinosaur Vertebra)

Ichthyosaur sp (Large display specimen)

Red Crag Whale Ear Bone (Rare)

Metriacanthosaurus parkeri (Carnosaur)

Ichthyosaur sp. (Cut & polished pair)

Pliosaurus brachydeirus (Owen)

Pliosaur sp. (Very Rare large tooth)

Plesiosaur sp. vertebrae

Platypterygius camplyodon (Carter)

Ichthyosaur communis (Jaw section)

Pliosaur sp. (Massive humerus)

Megalosaurus sp.? (V. Rare tooth)

Plesiosaur sp.(Quality vertebra)

Ichthyosaur vertebra (One off pathology)

Ophthalmosaurus sp. (Multi Vertebra)

Mammoth (Stunning Molar)

Platypterygius camplyodon (Carter)

Neovenator sp. (Rare theropod tooth)

Ichthyosaur sp (Juvenile skull)

Simolestes sp. (Very rare tooth)

Argillochelys antique (Turtle Carapace)

Iguanodon sp (Lovely vertebra)

Whale vertebra (Polished)

Iguanodon sp (Stunning vertebra)

Iguanodon sp (Exceptional vertebra)

Iguanodon sp (Sacrum)

Ichthyosaur communis (Partial Jaw)

Iguanodon bernissartensis (Stunning tooth)

Metriorhynchus superciliosus (Complete Vertebra)

Ichthyosaur communis (Stunning Tooth)

Cervus cf.elaphus (Red deer antler)

Odontopteryx toliapica (Partial bird skull)

Palaeoloxdon antiquus (Straight elephant tusk)

Ichthyosaur sp (Large display specimen)

Crocuta crocula (Kirkdale Cave Hyena)

Iguanodon sp. (Very nice Vertebra)

Duriatitan humerochristatus (Hulke 1874)

Iguanodon sp. (Very nice Vertebra)

Ichthyosaurus sp (Jaw section)

Sonninia (Euhoploceras) Acanthodes

Promicroceras planicosta & Fossil branch

Parkinsonia rarecostata

Parkinsonia dorsetensis

Sonninia (Euholoceras) Acanthodes

Ludwigia aff obtusiformis (Morphospecies)

Xipheroceras dudressieri & Asteroceras confusum

Sonninia (euhoploceras) Modestum

Parkinsonia rarecostata

Cyphaspis elachopos

Calymene Blumenbachi

Gravicalymene arcuata

Calymene Blumenbachi

Dromilites bucklandi (Crab)

Lonchodomas drummukensis & Tretaspis sortita

Caturus sp

Zanthopsis leachi (crab)

Dromilites lamarckii (crab)

Androgynoceras aff hybridiforme

Asteroceras Confusum

Emileia brocchi

Oistoceras figulinum (Ground &Polished)

Peronoceras vortex

Lytoceras cf. cornucopia

Phlyseogrammoceras cf. dispansiforme

Phylloceras cf. heterophyllum

Hildoceras lusitanicum

Psiloceras planorbis (Natural irridescent shell)

Scaphites cf. equalis

Parkinsonia dorestensis (Unique display item)

Sonninia (Euhoploceras) marginatum

Promicroceras planicosta

Asteroceras confusum (Multi fossil)

Xipheroceras dudressieri & Asteroceras confusum

Asteroceras obtusum & promicroceras sp

Euhoploceras modestum (stunning colours)

Zugodactylites Braunianus

Xipheroceras Binodulatum

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Lytoceras fimbriatum

Megalytoceras confusum

Stemmatoceras sp

Emileia brocchi

Asteroceras aff stellare

Asteroceras obtusum

Spiroceras anulatum

Epophioceras longicella

Aegasteroceras sagittarium (cut & polished)

Amaltheus margaritatus

Asteroceras obtusum

Crucilobiceras densinodulum

Pachylytoceras cf dilucidum

Crucilobiceras densinodulum

Stephanoceras humphriesianum

Emileia cf brocchi

Asteroceras sp.(Sunshine through broken window)

Ceratiocaris stygia

Eryma sp. (Spiney Lobster)

Plumulites (Armoured Annelid sections)

Pseudoglyphea sp.

Iocrinus sp. Nov

Dimerocrinus icosidactylus

Pentacrinus basaltiforme (Complete crinoid)

Pentacrinites fossilis (Sea Lilly)

Multi-fossil Death Assemblages

Multi-fossil Death Assemblage

Multi fossil death assemblage

Multi fossil death assemblage

Fossil Death Assemblage

Multi-fossil Death Assemblage

Hemopedina Bechei

Paracidaris florigemma

Hemicidaris intermedia

Plegiocidaris sp.

Acrosalenia sp (Colour Banded)

Hoplopteryx lewesiensis

Bathrotomaria sp (Marine gastropod)

Gastropod sp (double & belemnite)

Cenoceras obtusum (cut & polished)

Cenoceras sp

Rhyncholite (Nautilus Beak)

Cenoceras cf obesum

Pecopteris plumosa (seed fern)

Sphenopteris cf. laurenti (Seed Fern)

Lepidostrobus sp. (3-dimensional )

Ptilophyllum pecten (palm leaf)

Dapedium sp.

Cenoceras sp. (Nautiloid)

Peripristis semicircularis

Petalodus acuminatus

Petalorhynchus sp.

Petalorhynchus sp.

Beyrichoceras sp (Goniatite)

Spirifer striatus (Marine Brachiopod)

Polypora crassa

Voigtopora calypso (Bryozoa)

Pterospirifer cf. alatus

Seliscothon planum (Sponge)

Orthoceras sp.

Cylindrotuethis puzosiana & Gryphaea sp.

Cardinia gigantea (Display Bivalve)

Cardinia gigantea & Aegasteroceras sp

Craterospongia concentrica (Sponge)

Stenaster obtusus ( Multi )

Palaeocoma egertoni (Brittlestar)

Balizoma Variolaris

Leonaspis Deflexa

Ampyx linleyensis

Ogygiocarella angustissima

Ampyx linleyensis

Ogygiocarella angustissima

Ogygiocarella angustissima (Split pair)

Llydolithus lloydi

Ogygiocarella debuchii (Multi)

Balizoma variolaris (Slightly rolled)

Calymene Blumenbachi (Outstretched)

Ichthyosaur communis

Coelodonta antiquitatis (Woolley Rhino)

Ichthyosaurus communis(Vertebra column)

Large Hybodant Shark Coprolite (very rare)
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