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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Anabacia complanata (Rare Coral)
  ref SP1359
  This is a rare and totally matrix free solitary coral. The detail throughout is specimen is very fine. From a rare locality - a real collectors piece!!
  Age Jurassic, Bathonian, Great Oolite Series
  Size Size of Coral 20mm x 20mm
  location Roade, Northamptonshire, UK
  price £ 19.95
Click to enlarge   Name Dromlites lamarcki (Large specimen)
  ref ARTH304
  Fossils Direct strive to bring to the market lovely and unique items. This particular specimen is perhaps the finest carapace of this species we have had to offer and is a large example. Collected in the 1960's - a fabulous specimen for the avid collector!!
  Age Eocene, London Clay
  Size Size of crab 25mm x 25mm
  location Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK
  price £ 42.50
Click to enlarge   Name Otodus sp. (Derived deposit)
  ref SHARK467
  This specimen was collected approximately 150 years ago and comes from the classic Derived Red Crag Deposit. Within this beautifully patinad nodule is an Otodus tooth from the Eocene. A fabulous and highly tactile specimen.
  Age Pliocene, Red Crag (derived Eocene deposit)
  Size Size of specimen 45mm x 45mm
  location Felixstowe, Surrey, UK
  price £ 37.50
Click to enlarge   Name Pentacrinites sp. (Rare location)
  ref CRIN423
  From an old collection is this lovely partial crown of a Pentarinites(fossil sea lilly). The specimen has good detail throughout - a real collectors item!!
  Age Jurassic, Bathonian
  Size Size of specimen 85mm x 55mm
  location Frome, Somerset, UK
  price £ 42.50
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