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Click to enlarge   Name Plagiostoma gigantea (Beautiful specimen)
  ref SP1501
  This lovely example has both valves preserved and is a classic lower lias bivalve shell. It will make a really nice addition for the collector. Approximately 200 million years old.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias
  Size Size of Bivalve 79mm x 72mm x 37mm
  location Lavernock Point, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK
  price £ 24.95
Click to enlarge   Name Notopocorystes stokesi (Quality Crab)
  ref ARTH322
  This beautifully preserved crab has wonderful detail on its carapace and is a lovely colour. The specimen would make a very good addition for the collector of UK fossil crustaceans.
  Age Cretaceous, Gault Clay
  Size Size of crab 21mm x 19mm
  location Folkestone. Kent
  price £ 21.95
Click to enlarge   Name Zanthopsis leachi (Lovely detail both sides)
  ref ARTH321
  A really good example with some of the crab's underside preserved which is fairly uncommon. The detail throughout is very good and will make a lovely addition for the collector.
  Age Eocene, London Clay
  Size Size of crab 80mm x 46mm x 18mm
  location Warden Point, Isle of Sheppey, UK
  price £ 24.95
Click to enlarge   Name Mecochirus magna (Lobster)
  ref ARTH320
  A lovely example with excellent detail throughout. These beautiful lobsters are becoming difficult to obtain or collect thesedays. A very good drawer fossil for the collector.
  Age Cretaceous, Aptian, Lower Greensand
  Size Size of Lobster 73mm
  location Atherfield, Isle of Wight, UK
  price £ 24.95
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