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Click to enlarge   Name Homoeosolen ramulosus (Bryozoan)
  ref SP1552
  Preserved on a square block of chalk is this exceptionally beautiful Bryozoan (Planar branching colony). The detail throughout is exceptional and is a visually attractive specimen. One for the discerning collector.
  Age Cretaceous Upper Chalk
  Size Size of Bryozoan 32mm x 20mm
  location Gravesend Kent UK
  price £ 42.50
Click to enlarge   Name Rastellum cf carinatum (Finest Ever offered)
  ref SP1551
  As Bivalve's go, this is the finest example that Fossils Direct have ever offered and probably will not be surpassed! Preserved on a worked piece of Gault clay is this exceptional bivalve which has been worked three dimensionally from the surrounding matrix. The detail is stunning. The specimen is very "alien like" with protruding spines from the top and bottom. The bivalve itself is quite common in the fossil record. However, this is the finest Gault clay example that we have personally ever seen either in museum collections or private hands. Simply the best we have ever offered!
  Age Cretaceous Gault Clay
  Size Size of Bivalve 120mm
  location Folkestone. Kent
  price £ 235.00
Click to enlarge   Name Ichthyosaurus sp (Wonderful Tooth)
  ref VERT1029
  Age Cretaceous Cambridge Greensand
  Size Length of tooth 42mm
  location Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK
  price £ 125.00
Click to enlarge   Name Bison sp (Upper Molar) V Rare
  ref VERT1028
  Age Ice Age Appox 40000 years old
  Size Size of tooth 60mm x 35mm
  location Cresswell Crags Derbyshire UK
  price £ 67.50
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