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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Iguanodon sp. (Small Vertebra)
  ref VERT903
  The Isle of Wight is often referred to as "The DinosaurIsle" due to its abundant dinosaur remains, which have been collected there for the last couple of centuries. This is a small and almost perfectly preserved vertebra, probably from an infant/juvenile Iguanadon. The vertebra has excellent detail and has no worn faces. A stunning example!
  Age Cretaceous, Wealden
  Size Length of Vertebra 22mm
  location Grange Chine, Isle of Wight, UK
  price £ 39.95
Click to enlarge   Name Valdosaurus sp (Vertebra)
  ref VERT901
  Dinosaur remains are probably the most collectable of all fossils and this is a stunning, matrix free vertebra from a medium sized herbevore, Valdosaurus. Specimens of this quality are rarely seen for sale as they are notoriously difficult to prepare from their surrounding matrix.
  Age Cretaceous, Wealden
  Size Size of Vertebra 30mm x 25mm
  location Brook Bay, Isle of Wight
  price £ 45.00
Click to enlarge   Name Ichthyosaurus communis (Humerus Bone)
  ref VERT896
  This perfect humerus bone which is part of the paddle belongs to a juvenile ichthyosaur. A nice specimen for the collector. Approximately 200 million years old.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias, Obtusum Zone
  Size Size of bone 21mm x 21mm
  location Black Ven, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
  price £ 11.50
Click to enlarge   Name Temnodontosaurus platyodon (Jaw fragment)
  ref VERT893
  This partial jaw fragment is from the largest of the ichthyosaurs which roamed this area some 200 million years ago.The jaw section exhibits massive blood vessel openings and the detail is extraordinary throughout. A lovely aquisition for the collector.
  Age Jurasic, Lower Lias, Obtusum Zone
  Size Size of specimen 122m x 60mm x 28mm
  location Church Cliffs, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
  price £ 32.50
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