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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Osteolepis panderi (Lovely complete fish)
  ref FISH274
  The fossil fish from the Achanarras quarries of Scotland are world famous and highly sought after. This specimen is preserved on a rectangular shaped piece of flagstone and is a fine example. This would make a lovely drawer specimen.
  Age Devonian, Old Red Sandstone
  Size Length of fish 100mm
  location Achanarras, Caithness, Scotland
  price £ 47.50
Click to enlarge   Name Undetermined Fish vertebra
  ref FISH270
  Preserved on a block of chalk is this very nice fish vertebra with the neural processes present. This specimen has been carefully air abraded to reveal the fine detail. The colour contrast between the fossil and the chalk really makes it stand out. A great addition to any collection.
  Age Cretaceous, Lower Chalk
  Size Size of vertebra 34mm x 20mm
  location Dumpton Gap, Kent, UK
  price £ 28.95
Click to enlarge   Name Cybium jaw section (Large fish)
  ref FISH265
  A very good and large section of fish jaw that has been exposed from a hard phosphatic nodule. Many teeth have been preserved from this large predatory fish that lived in the warm seas around London approximately 50 million years ago. A great drawer specimen.
  Age Eocene, London Clay
  Size Length of jaw 140mm
  location Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK
  price £ 72.50
Click to enlarge   Name Eothynnus sp. (Fantastic Eye)
  ref FISH258
  Preserved in a hard phosphatic nodule is this superb three dimensional fish eye. These fish were large and predatory and lived in the seas around the London area some 50 million years ago. This is a superb and interesting piece that would make a good topic of conversation. Just imagine what this eye might have seen !!!
  Age Eocene, London Clay
  Size Size of Eye 50mm x 50mm
  location Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK
  price £ 125.00
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