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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Diplomystus vectensis (Very Rare)
  ref FISH320
  These fish were very first discovered in Victorian times and very few have ever been sold on the open market due to their rarity. Preserved on a block of shale is this more or less complete fish which has good definition throughout. an extremely rare and sought after British fossil fish. One for the avid collector.
  Age Eocene, Headonian, Osborne Beds
  Size Length of fish 40mm
  location Ryde, Isle of Wight , UK
  price £ 57.50
Click to enlarge   Name Coccosteus cuspidatus (Wonderful specimen)
  ref FISH276
  This classic Scottish fish is a typical representative of the Arthrodiriformes family. The head of this fish consists of bony plates which act as armour. These fish could grow up to approximately 40cm in length. This specimen has been very nicely preserved on a cut slab of hard marlstone is almost complete. This specimen comes from an old collection and will make an important addition to any collection.
  Age Devonian, Old Red Sandstone, Sandwick Fish Beds
  Size Length of fish 305mm
  location Orkney, Scotland
  price £ 695.00
Click to enlarge   Name Un determined Fish (Old collection)
  ref FISH352
  This specimen was purchased many years ago in an auction in Dorset. Preserved is an extremely rare, bony fish on a piece of Portland limestone. The specimen exhibits very sharp teeth and has a very well defined back bone with ribs protruding from each vertebra. An exceptionally rare piece - one for the collector of unusual and exceptional British fossils!!
  Age Jurassic, Portland Beds
  Size Length of Fish 185mm
  location Isle of Portland, UK
  price £ 245.00
Click to enlarge   Name Rhizodus sp. (Rare)
  ref FISH350
  From an old collection comes this beautifully preserved fish tooth on a squared piece of oil shale. Specimens of these ancient fish are rare and are very seldom seen for sale.
  Age Carboniferous, Coal Measures
  Size Length of tooth 11mm
  location Dysart, Fife, Scotland, UK
  price £ 22.50
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