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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Errettopterus bilobus & Slimonia acuminate
  ref ARTH313
  This specimen was collected in 1967 and is from the world famous locality of Lesmahagow. This is more or less complete specimen and includes its pincers and swimming legs which are very rarely preserved!! The Errettopteris appears to be resting on top of a huge head of another Eurypterid Slimonia acuminat which has one eye present. The specimen also has preserved its mouth parts. There is a repair through the middle of the block however this does not, in any way, detract from the beauty and scientific value of this specimen. This is by far the finest multi species Eurypterid we have ever had to offer and would be difficult to repeat. Super sized images can be seen in showcase fossils.
  Age Silurian, Ludlow Series
  Size Length of specimen 150mm
  location Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
  price £ 975.00
Click to enlarge   Name Iguanodon sp (Cervical Vertebrae)
  ref VERT966
  Fossils Direct are proud to offer this rare and exceptional piece of Iguanodon from the world famous dinosaur ise, The Isle of Wight. The specimen has been totally removed from its surrounding matrix and is a pair of cervical vertebrae(Neck)showing the typical ball and socket effect. One vertebra is almost perfect with all its processes present. The specimen has been repaired throughout preparation, however, this is only expected with such a delicate specimen. Specimens of this calibre very rarely come onto the market - one for the serious collector of dinosaurs. Super sized images can be seen in showcase fossils.
  Age Cretaceous, Wealden, Wessex Formation
  Size Size of specimen 220mm x 195mm x 140mm
  location Isle of Wight, UK
  price £ 725.00
Click to enlarge   Name Ichthyosaur sp (Large ribcage section)
  ref VERT961
  We at Fossils Direct are very proud to offer this superb, very large, piece of ichthyosaur from the world famous locality of Street. It is almost impossible to obtain material from this locality nowadays. This specimen consists of vertebrae which have been naturally halved and crystals are growing in between each vertebrae. The ribcage is wonderful and has part of its last meal preserved as black organic material which in itself is exceptionally rare!! This is a piece for the serious collector and would make a magnificent display specimen or centre piece. This specimen comes with a perspex stand, emabling easy display. Please note that this is a large and heavy piece. Super sized images can be viewed in Showcase fossils and further images can be provided on request.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias
  Size Size of specimen 520mm x 450mm
  location Street, Somerset, UK
  price £ 2,495.00
Click to enlarge   Name Palaeoloxdon antiquus (Straight elephant tusk)
  ref VERT958
  Age Pleistocene, Devensian Stage
  Size Length of Tusk 830mm
  location Solent water, Hampshire, UK
  price £ 1,500.00
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